Day 3: Discovering New Music

There is so much going on at the festival today that I’m whirling around the festival grounds like one of those kids around the poles at the Flatfoot 56 show last night.  First in the day, however, I camped out at the New Band Stage.  At least once every day I like to spend an afternoon here to see what is coming around in the corner in music at the festival.  I was not disapointed today as I saw three good bands in a row on the stage.  First in the day Everfound performed.  The band was a family of kids, immigrants from Russia, that delivered a well-polished set of piano-driven rock music.  The kids at the show seemed to love it because their merchandise table was mobbed after the concert was over.

Next, Quiet Science played and they sounded great.  The band had great stage presence with the bass player bounding around the stage as they played a show sounding like U2, Mew, and Death Cab For Cutie.  This band has worked hard this week, playing generator stages all over the place for the entire festival and I was glad that I finally got a chance to catch them.  The last band I caught on the New Band Stage was Poema, two sisters backed up by their younger brother on percussion.  The sisters performed a set of music on guitar and piano that was whimsical and lilting.  Being a father of two girls myself, I hope someday that my little girls develop an appreciation and talent for music, even if they are never in a band.  I found myself enjoying the songs and hoping one day that I’ll get to hear them try out their own creativity.

I was running around fast after that, dropping by the Indoor Stage to see Remedy Drive.  This band has recently started to get attention, earning a nomination for a Dove Award earlier in the year and they were well attended.  The band took audience participation seriously as the lead singer pulled three kids onto the stage to play keyboards and hit drums and guitars for them as they jammed at the end of a song.  From there, I ran quickly down to the Gallery Stage to catch the end of Brooke Waggoner’s show.  I managed to catch the last two songs of the show which were jaunty and musical with keys and strings accompanying Waggoner’s voice.

Early in the day I took in new bands starting out their careers.  Later today, I’ll be seeing some of the veterans of the festival like Terry Taylor’s solo show along with his show with the Lost Dogs.  There’s also my friend David’s DJ set and all sorts of great stuff at midnight tonight.  I’ve got my running shoes on and I’m going to try to take in as much as I can.