A few years back at the fest, there used to be nightly worship at the beach. One of my favorite memories of beach worship is my first time seeing the Psalters. Traveling nomads playing haunting worship songs filled with heavy liturgical content and songs that reflect their political views make for lots of thought. 

This year at the fest, we’ve been blessed with the return of many of the bands that more seasoned attendees are familiar with. It’s been a pleasure to introduce my fest-newbie, music-obsessed boyfriend to the bands I grew up listening to here at the fest.

The ash-covered faces peer out from behind a bizarre array of instruments, including many you may have never seen or heard before like the “hurdy gurdy.”

I’ve heard Psalters described as folksy worship music, middle-eastern-esque nomad tunes, and many others. Everyone has an opinion on this band, and if the opportunity arises for you to see them and develop our own opinion, I highly encourage you to do just that.


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