Well, guys, it’s been a great week.

It’s with a heavy heart that I write my last post from my seat here at the web coverage trailer(which also happens to be the cooler containing our secret media team elixr: Mountain Dew and/or Diet Coke). Yes, regardless of my bruised heel, heat-rash covered body, and crazy sleep deprivation, it’s still hard for me to think that this will be my last night curling up in my dew-damp sleeping bag.

Regardless of all the last day sentiments, it’s been a fabulous day here on the fest grounds.  My camp family went to the Underground Stage this morning to see The Suitcase Sideshow(

Phillip & Sari Shorey present a puppet show built out of  a suitcase using marionettes once used by Phillip’s grandfather. The stories they tell are taken from the Bible and set in a modern environment. Although the stories are familiar and the puppets may seem gimmicky at first, the more you watch, the more you realize how powerful the skits truly are.

The afternoon brought the opportunity to check out a great generator stage band, The La De Les( Back at home, I shoot for a lot of shows, and it’s always a privilege to see a band that plays with passion and intensity. Saying that The La De Les plays with passion is an understatement. In my 17 years of going to shows, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a band play like these young people do.

These guys made for a great afternoon. I’ll definitely be listening to them on the way home tomorrow.

Well, the last band has finished, and the rain has started to fall. Cornerstone 2011 has come to an end. Thank you so much to everyone who made this fest as great as it has been.

See you guys next year!


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