What’s my part?

Our road trip today likely mimicked that of many other people who attended Cornerstone 2011. We listened to some new albums, talked about favorite shows and laughed at old jokes. For me, as the sun set and the fireworks came out, I also was personally thankful for all that God has done – to allow us to openly gather in Jesus’ name – and all He’s done in my life through attending Cornerstone.

I hope there was another common thread in road-trip conversations… If you haven’t thought about this, I’d encourage you to do it now: how can you join in what God is doing at Cornerstone and beyond?

I ask because the festival isn’t a place, and it isn’t entirely just an event. It’s really a community.

Sunday, during the Community Gathering, we were given a challenge and an opportunity. I know a lot of people had already hit the road, and others were enjoying shows at other stages — so if you missed it, these were some suggestions given to how we can impact Cornerstone:*

1. Contribute financially, beyond just the cost of a ticket, to Cornerstone/JPUSA. Send a message with this money that communicates how much we value all that Cornerstone is.

2. Pray for the festival and it’s organizers. Pray for God to be glorified and honored. Pray for an unchurched/unbelieving friend that you can bring to Cornerstone 2012.

3. Consider sponsoring the ongoing ministry of Jesus People USA in a regular way. I can’t begin to list the things that they do to serve others in Chicago and beyond.

I hope I’m not the only person seriously considering these suggestions, as well as asking God to show me my part.

How can you join God in what He’s already doing at Cornerstone and beyond?



*Note that these┬ásuggestions were given prior to the offering, by one of the volunteers who organizes some of the games/sports at the fest – not directly by the fest staff or JPUSA pastors. Neither that man (who’s name I can’t recall – sorry) nor I or any of the other bloggers would in any way benefit financially if you take these suggestions. I mention them entirely because I think they’re a good starting point for asking God what your part may be.