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Cornerstone 2012 Fundraising Drive
We need your support!
    All donors will be thanked on this page.
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  • $1000

While ticket and merchandise sales along with sponsorships represent a large portion of our annual operating budget we are still completely dependent upon you, the Cornerstone faithful, for financial support.

Giving Options

  • If you would like to make a one time gift please select one of the options on the right.
  • All one time gift donations are processed through PayPal.
  • We are also offering a monthly pledge option. If you are interested in making an on-going monthly pledge please contact us.
  • If you would like to make a one time donation greater than the amounts available here, please feel free to contact us and the Director will get back to you asap.

A great big thanks to each of you. Cornerstone is thrilled to have such loyal supporters.

Questions? Contact us.

Terms and Conditions
All donations are deductible if you itemize deductions on Form 1040, Schedule A. A letter of confirmation for your donation will be sent to all donors giving donations of $250 or greater. Sometimes a specific thank you gift may not be available. Cornerstone Festival reserves the right to replace unavailable gift items with substitute items of equal value as needed. Please allow at least 4 weeks for your gift(s) to be delivered. Cornerstone Festival reserves the right to change terms, conditions, and details of the 2012 Fundraising Drive at any time and without notice.


Aaron Irvin
Abigail Heaton
Amber Horton
Andrea Blake
Andrea Rabbia
Andrew Beck
Andrew Beussink
Andrew Busken
Andrew Runals
Andy & Judy Kalnmals
Anthony LaFianza
Autenrieth Family
April Haley
Bethany Headley
Bill Kramer
Bill Miller
Blake & Millie Bridges
Bohdana Erne
Brenda Howard
Brenden Knight
Brent Peterson-Hilleque
Brian Biddinger
Brian Palmer
Brian Neigh
Brianna Richard
Bryan Buchelt
Captain Fred's(tm.)
Carl Wolff
Carolyn Presley
Chloe Rudman
Chris Davis
Christopher Beaty
Christopher Frantz
Clay and Chelsey Jones
Codi Melville
Craig & Dawn Laslo
Curt & Diane Borders
Cynthia Osborne
Daniel Brooks
Daniel Maley
Daniel Ruehl
David Dampier
David Donner
Debbi Hodges
Dodie Wessel
Donald & Joan Hanson
Donald Stephenson
Doug Fleener
Dylan Goodwin
Elizabeth Adkins
Emily Funk
Erin Alderman
Fran Moore
Frank & Denise Kmilek
Frederick M Alexander
Garett Cheney
George Carrera III
Hannah Nelson
Hannah Olson
Hannah Priebe
Heather Tumianiec
Hieronymus Mitchell
J. Robert Parks
Jasmine Donley
Jason Blair
Jason Martinez
Jason Prinsen
Jean Marie Humbrecht
Jeff Bradshaw
Jeff Lee
Jeff Riehl
Jeremy Seiver
Jerry Davison
Jerry Ray
Jesse Moran
Jill J. Lee & Gale R. Lee
Jim Sanders
Joel Feudenberg
John Baur
John Boyd
John Brumbaugh
John Johnson
John Kerr
John & Petra Cook
Jonathan Hodson
Joseph Barsi
Josh Madryga
Joshua Jacomet
Josiah Snader
Justin Taylor
Justin VanNingen

Katelyn Deisher
Katelyn Price
Kathleen C. Fuhrmann
Kathleen Reeder
Katie Arellano
Katie Harn
Kevin donley
Keith Reel
Kelly Savery
Kevin Shafer
Kristina Decker-Solomon
Lee Trotter
Linda LaFianza
Lisa Persels
Luke Coleman
Mark Means
Mark Zak
Martha Grose
Martin Aberle
Matthew Knight
Matthew Laswell
Matthew Reany
Matti Taina
Michael Koch
Mike Minter
Mike Williamson
Mitch Lamm
Molly Reeder
Natasha Allen
Natahsha Priya
Neil Taylor
Nicholas Dye
One King Industries
Patricia Love
Patrick Conlin
Paul Blum
Penny Caslake
Phil Mitchel
Phil Troop
Phillip Varona
Paul Eyler
Rachel Gottwerth
Rachael Zecher
Rachel Withro
Randal Neudorf
Randal Stauffer
Rebecca & Jessica Siadek
Rebekah Priebe
Reva Carmichael
Richard Eigsti
Richard Schlegel
Ricky Geib
Ripped Heart Productions
Robert Blanchard
Robert Murdock
Robert Wise, Jr
Ryan Kirven
Ryan Kulig
Sally Likens
Sally Watkins
Samantha Sweitzer
Sarah, Nathan and Emmett Murphy
Sean Huncherick
Scott Robins
Stephen Walton
Steve & Heather Tumianiec
Steve & Sara White
Steven Sasser
Susan Craft
Taylor Stauffer
Theresa Jones
Tim Hamm
Timothy Keeven
Timothy Perkins
Tina Horth
Tom and Anita Lenas
Tony Landsciardi
Tony & Brenda Owens
Tracie & Ken Taylor
Vicky Robbins
Virgil Hovar
William Kramer

Want your name listed differently? Please let us know.