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about us
Cornerstone Festival is not a music festival.

It is a participant driven celebration of the arts, teaching, music, faith, and fellowship. It is a chance to spend a week celebrating the great diversity of the larger body of Christ and for many it is their spiritual home and an annual pilgrimage of faith and renewal.

From the beginning Cornerstone set out to be different. In 1984, when we first started, our goal was to provide a festival for Christians that showcased quality alternative Christian music that wasn't getting recognition at the other mainstream Christian festivals of the time and celebrate our wonderful diversity in Christ. Over twenty eight years later we are striving to continue and expand this vision.

Cornerstone Festival is a non-profit organization whose sole interest is in providing our attendess with a quality event. Cornerstone is staffed year round by members of Jesus People USA Covenant Church who volunteer their time, live together communally, and do not receive a paycheck.

At is it's heart, Cornerstone is an outreach, which strives to provide a place for Christians and Non-Christians alike to come together and enjoy good music, extensive arts programming, profound spiritual teaching and fellowship together. We have an enormously diverse range of activities for all ages and walks of life.

Cornerstone offers something for everyone. While we all love a good show, we encourage you to go past the music and truly become a part of the Cornerstone experience. Play in the volleyball tournament, watch a movie with some new friends, go to a seminar and hear one of our great teachers, create your masterpiece in a hands-on art workshop, meet new friends and reconnect with old ones, and discover a great band you didn't know existed.

Cornerstone has a place for all so come and participate in the wonderful body of Christ with us. Regardless of denomination, sub-culture, or race the community of Cornerstone is available to all. If you can only come for a day that's fine, but we encourage everyone to come, participate and spend the week with us and be a part of the Cornerstone family.