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Cornerstone Festival does not charge extra for camping.

The first 1500 advance ticket holders get early access to the grounds at 9 a.m. Monday, July 2. The gates open for everyone else at 12 noon, Monday, July 2.


For camping prior to the festival grounds opening, the closest area campgrounds are:

Timberview Lakes Campground
23200 North 2000th Rd.
Bushnell, IL 61422
Phone: 309.772.3609

Spring Lake Park & Campground
595 Spring Lake Park Rd.
Macomb, IL 61455
Phone: 309.833.2052

See the Cornerstone Festival Grounds Map.


Regular campsites are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Certain areas of the grounds are set aside for specific types of camping: Reserved Youth Group Camping, Restricted Vehicle Camping, and the Noisy Camping Zones, as well as sites set aside specifically for RVs (more information below). Please see the Grounds Map or ask at the gate where these areas are.

Reserved Youth Group Camping

If your youth group wants a great spot in our prime wooded area, then your spot is only a phone call away. Please call us at 773.989.2087 and we'll set aside your spot. (June 15 is the last day you can order your group tickets and reserve your youth group campsite.)

Restricted Vehicle Camping

If you camp in Restricted Vehicle Camping, you must park your vehicle parallel to the road and hillside, not perpendicular.


RV Site Reservations for 2012 are now being accepted. Cost for RV site rental is currently $250. Call our office at 773.989.2087 today to reserve your site.

The Cornerstone Festival grounds include 175 units of RV sites for people who wish to bring their recreational vehicles to the festival. Each site has its own 100V 20 amp electrical service and water hook-ups. For a small fee an independent sewage pumping company will be on site to pump your RV.

Sites are available now on a first-come-first-serve basis until they are all taken. You may reserve a site according to the size of your RV. The cost of the sites is currently $250 for the week. Spaces vary from '25 to 48' long and are 15' to 28' wide. Please inform us of the size of your RV when making reservations.

Because the sites are designed to efficiently accommodate as many RVs as possible, tent camping in the immediate vicinity of the RV sites will be extremely limited.

To make your reservations call the the Cornerstone Festival office at 773.989.2087.

For most people who attend Cornerstone Festival, camping out on the festival grounds is part and parcel of "the Cornerstone experience." True, camping in the midst of a music festival is not necessarily identical to camping off in the woods even though the fest grounds and camp areas have plenty of woods. In this case, however, the landscape may be less natural than social: camping out with thousands of Christians from across the country (and around the world) is an essential part of what it means to participate in the unique Cornerstone Festival community.
"If you come away from Cornerstone without meeting a few new people, you have missed a great part of the festival. This year, a couple of guys from Denmark joined our 'village,' underneath our large canopied campsite, as well as a family from Abilene, Texas."
Over the years, veteran Cornerstoners have learned from repeated experience and so been able to fine-tune their approach to what has become an annual "family reunion," often setting up camp in the same place year after year, surrounded by many of the same neighbors who do likewise.
"The love of God shone throughout nearly every person that attended. Within the first few minutes that I arrived, I was already feeling the great sense of Christian togetherness that the atmosphere at Cornerstone so freely provides."
Newcomers will find a depth of welcome and sharing in our diverse Cornerstone community that invariably weaves countless unexpected colors into the tapestry of their Cornerstone Festival memories.
"We arrived pretty late at night, or rather early in the morning you might say. We chose a camp site, and wondered how we were gonna set up our stuff. Suddenly we heard this really HARD, LOUD, OBNOXIOUS music coming from nearby. And then, we realized, that the people who were playing that music were turning their van around, and turning the lights on, so that we could see to set up our site. GOD is in the most amazing places."


For a list of motels in the area click here.