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Indie / Christian

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"a gain of ten" is a group consisting of four members who are passionate about sharing their music and message with anyone who is willing to give us an ear. We started out with Gary Witthoeft. Gary felt a calling to make music his living and his passion. While writing our first release 239*, Gary, who had a long time friendship with drummer Ashley Vargas, asked Ashley if he would do some vocal work for the album. Ashley agreed and gave his opinion and support for the album and told Gary, "If you need a drummer, I'm open". At that point we could see that something was truly developing. A few weeks later Ashley introduced Gary to Pete Kruse, a former bandmate of Ashley's in a band called Rufus Tree. Pete then became our bass player as well as hammer dulcimer expert. We released our first album in June of 2009. Pete also introduced us to the last piece of our musical puzzle, our guitar player, Zephaniah Whitt. Zeph added a diverse element on the guitar that can only be described as "sweet". So, ever since October 2009 "a gain of ten" as a whole, has been performing in local chicagoland venues such as The Boiler Room and Cleawater Theater as well as recently headlining at pristine venues such as the Metro. They also have played at many youth events and churches. You might be asking what sets "a gain of ten" apart from other bands. Well, that's not necessarily for us to say. Our response would be, see for yourself.