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Alive by Sunrise

Christian / Rock / Alternative

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Formed in the mid 2000s, Alive by Sunrise started as an acoustic duo playing in coffee shops and leading worship at multiple churches. Soon the band grew to 6 members and was offered deals with Tate music and several other independent labels. After many meetings the band felt that it was better to wait for another door to open later down the road. About a year later with over 200 songs written and numerous shows under their belt the band found them-selves working with Blade Studios. With Producer Brady Blade taking the band under his wing the band recorded their debut studio album(expected later this summer) at Blade Studios. With the help and direction of the staff and Brady the band has turned into a young power house looking for an open door to express their potential. With varied members from different religious backgrounds, ABS brings forth the message of Jesus Christ and his Love to a dying world, with fresh, invigorating beats, new lyrics full of promise and hope, and a screaming love for Christ evident in all that  they do. The guys in ABS are an example to the world that Gods love goes on even through our failures and past mistakes. With a Vocal-lyrical sound similar to The Fray, and Switchfoot, with musical capabilities falling as melodious as The Fray, and as hard and upbeat as Red. This is a band, and a sound you do not want to miss.