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Attic Wolves

Folk / Folk Rock

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Attic Wolves is a five piece folk band from Kansas City formed in June 2011. We write our songs carefully, sincerely, and play them with intensity. This is not a quiet folk band. Our strength is in our songwriting, musicianship, beards, and three part harmonies. We are something different, and we think you'll like what we do!

It has been a busy 9 months so far: We've played a dozen shows around Kansas City, and have been played and featured on Kansas City Local Artists Radio and Alice 102.1FM Local Edition. In late March we'll be traveling to Springfield, MO to record our 5 song EP with Paul Carabello. Our new album will be available in April! If you're wondering where we get our name, "Attic Wolves" is a reference to the cult classic TV show "Arrested Development" (Season 2: Episode 9, to be specific). Add us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check out our upcoming shows!