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Indie / Alternative

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In the Fall of 2010, keyboardist Shanda Fredricks approached guitarist Cody Flowers with the interest of exploring musical endeavors which was met with great excitement by Flowers. They quickly became a full band with the addition of Erik Rice on guitar, Andy Perschbacher on drums, and Jonathan Mackey on bass, and finally Steve Kopp with lead vocals. They began writing music in early 2011 when they moved into Flowers’ home over a short break from school to get things in motion. 
After a lot of discovering their sound and fine tuning what they’d written, Carielle started performing in September of 2011 and decided to continue when met with positive feedback. Finding more and more opportunites to play, they quickly advanced out of their home of Grand Rapids, MI out into Eastern MI, Indiana, and Illinois sharing the stage with national acts such as sosaveme, Quiet Science, SONS, and Hawthorne Heights. With help from friends they were able to record their debut single “Say So Long” which was released in early 2012 and was met with great acclaim.
As Carielle looks to the future, they continue to write music that bears their hearts and embodies a message bigger than themselves in the hopes of recording a full-length album in the summer of 2012. They do this while still playing plenty of local and regional shows in support of the summer project ahead of them.