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Chris Bernstorf


Voting has ended for the 2012 New Band Showcase

My name is Chris Bernstorf. I'm from Ashburn, Viriginia, and  I'd like to share some poetry with you.  I seek to follow my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with all my heart and soul.  I fall short more frequently than I'd ever like  to admit, but, nonetheless, my goal is simply to offer the love, hope, joy, peace, Truth, and salvation I've been blessed to find in Him, one fleshy human being to another, through creating the very best art that I can.  I am nothing more than what God makes of me.  Let's talk and be friends.  My Light ep is up for free download at  Love and Blessings, Chris


Stuff God's blessed me to do since first beginning to do spoken word in October of 2010:


Share the stage with Becoming the Archetype, Close Your Eyes, Spoken, After Edmund, We the Gathered, Grave Robber, Day of Vengenance, Blood of the Martyrs, Skyhawk Drive, The Great Transparency, The Homecoming, John Reuben, Bring the Arsenal, The Altar, Fat Kid Wins Cake, My Maker & I, and a bunch more.


Finish in the Top 8 of Purple Door Arts and Music Festival 2011's Battle of the Bands, Light Section.


Play at the  Artesian Well Art Gallery at Urpise Festival.


Stuff that's scheduled to happen between now and Cornerstone:  share the stage with Disciple, Write This Down, Emery, Sent By Ravens, Icon for Hire, I am Empire, Project 86, Sleeping Giant, In the Midst of Lions, Gideon, Willet and more.