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David's Stone

Blues / Folk / Americana

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Jeff Koch is a singer/songwriter making spiritually themed roots-rock music, with a sound reminiscent of Eric Clapton, Jack Johnson, and Cat Stevens. 

 Jeff’s musical journey began while hiking along the Appalachian Trail, sleeping under the stars, and living in the woods of New Hampshire.  The symphony of nature and the rhythm of his own heart sealed within him a joyful delight in things musical and beautiful.  As a listener, Jeff first found inspiration in the “classic rock” era but quickly expanded his palette to include jazz, classical, funk, folk, and world music. 

 Koch’s journey continued at the University of Michigan, where he was inspired by the great works of English Literature from Dante to Delillo.  It was also here that Jeff discovered he had a knack for putting words and music together.  In his growth as a musician, Jeff observed how artistic beauty was the result of sentience.  And he began to wonder if the infinite complexity and beauty of nature had a similar source. 

  Throughout college Jeff would have described himself as “just your average mystical, neo-hippie, Jewish atheist”.  However, after an extensive, multi-year foray into spiritual and philosophical enquiry, Koch was truly shocked to find himself a follower of Jesus.

 Aesthetically speaking, that’s when things got interesting.  Koch’s new faith combined with his Jewish identity to forge an organic and alluring musical blend.  Through expressive vocals and a keen rhythmic sensibility, Koch engages the audience with the immediacy of a folk storyteller (but one with a powerful rhythm section).  He weaves together scripture and liturgy with broad American roots influences to create an addictive, groove-oriented sound that crosses traditional boundaries.  In his music, Koch seeks to celebrate the freedom, beauty, and redemption of God.

 Jeff’s greatest joy is spending time with his wife and seven beautiful children.