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Ghost and Door Party

Indie / Folk Rock / Other

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Ghost and Door Party is Charles Klamut and Jessamyn Luong, two singer-songwriter-musicians from Illinois who describe their music as “existential post-folk.”  Their live performances consist of two voices accompanied by acoustic instruments—acoustic guitars, piano, and mandolin—and their songs range from rhythmic and aggressive to gentle and melodic. 


As lyricists, both Klamut and Luong gravitate toward the intense and the melancholy, wrestling with themes such as alienation, hope and despair, and the meaningfulness of existence.  Though intense, the songs are not all serious and dark; many are light, humorous, and quirky, reflecting a worldview that ultimately rejects nihilism and embraces hope.


Klamut and Luong try both musically and lyrically to give voice to the ghosts and the doors in our midst: we may be painfully haunted, but we are also surrounded by opportunities for transcendence.