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Alternative / Christian / Rock

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     Lastwatch is a hard rock Christian band from South Florida with a sound similar to Skillet, Evanescence, and Red. Our band consists of husband and wife Jonathan Miller on guitar and Ashley Miller on lead vocals, engaged couple Zach Day on drums with back ground vocals and Andrea Borden on bass guitar with background vocals, and Matt Hanna on lead guitar. Our sound incorporates hard rock with synth backgrounds, catchy melodies, and positive messages.

     Our band is unique in our daily backgrounds. Our lead vocalist Ashley is a pharmacist, guitarist Jonathan is a financial analyst, bassist Andrea is a nursing student, drummer Zach is a fire alarm inspector, and guitarist Matt is a load handler. Additionally, Jonathan and Zach both come from a pastor’s family and Andrea and Ashley are sisters. All five of us grew up in a Christian home and have been involved in music and ministry our whole lives. We are all basically family and joke about us being the modern Partridge family of hard rock. We feel very lucky to have a full band of laidback members who love to have fun.

     While we have such a diverse background, we all have in common our main goal, which is to succeed in the hard rock music industry while bringing a positive message to all who will listen. All five of us feel passionate about our music and message and feel that this is our number one priority above our current day jobs.

     Lastwatch’s mission is to share the love and message of God through our music and testimonies. We believe in seeking the will of God for our individual lives and for our band. We also believe in obeying God’s will, living our lives as a testimony to others for Him, and sharing His message to all who will listen. We believe that this band and its music stand in the will of God for our lives and we intend to give it our absolute best. We desire to see people’s lives changed, encouraged, strengthened, and above all given fully to God. We intend to inspire these changes through our music and message all according to God’s will.