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Nathan and the Loverlies

Americana / Folk Rock / Christian

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Nathan and the Loverlies were formed by Nathan Miller in Denton, TX, in 2010.  When he and a few close friends first found out the beautiful secret, that it is always a joyful thing to sing praises to God, no matter who is listening, they had an idea: they would start a band.  And if no one ever heard this band or listened to their music, it wouldn't matter, because they were singing to God, and that was joyful in and of itself.


So a few like-minded individuals were asked to participate.  These were friends whose love for God and excellence in musicianship were incomparable.  Nathan's friends, some coming from the vaunted halls of UNT's College of Music like himself, others from Denton's art-bedecked coffee shops and colorful soup kitchens, soon began gathering their written songs into a little group.  What came of their collaboration was a body of work that sounded independent, Texan, refined, and yet not pretentious.



In addition to Nathan, the band is fronted by his wife, Meghan, on keys, singing, and songwriting, and the striking songwriting and vocal talents of Elise Petrosky.  The rich instrumental and vocal arranging comes from Jon Ladner (lead guitar), Josiah Hampton (drums), Rachel Chruscielski (vocals, accordion), Mandy Keathley (violin), and Ryan Napier (bass), as well as other collaborators from time to time.



In 2011, Nathan and the Loverlies released two EPs (one for everyday, This is Love for God, and one for Christmas, Christmas Carols for the Broken and Lowly) which were engineered and mixed by Eric Pulido and McKenzie Smith of Midlake.   These recordings were also blessed by film composer Jurgen Beck (additional engineering, mixing, mastering), Chris Howell (mastering), Pastor Ross Appleton and C3, and Brandon and Molly Miller (vocals).




"I haven't felt the warm, embracing presence of God like that in a while!  These songs, especially There is a Fountain of Living Water, ushered me in to the lap of God.  I love the pure organic feel of the music.  But the part that stands out to me is the way every lyric is truth-filled.  These aren't manipulated, over-used, church lyrics.  They're true, straight-from-the-Word, no gimmick lyrics!  I love this about every song!  'There is a Fire everlasting, forsake your other lovers and burn' [is] great!"

-Daniel WedemeyerStudent Program Director, Preston Trail Community Church



Nathan is a founding member of Darcy, who placed 2nd overall in Cornerstone 2009's New Band Showcase, receiving favorable reviews from the official Cornerstone blog.

What does "Loverlies" mean?  The suffix "-ly' or "-lies" can mean "toward" or "like" if it is attached to a noun (e.g. "heavenly").  In the case of attaching "-lies" to the word "lover," the meaning is simple.  Christ is the great Lover, and this band always wants to be "toward" or "like" Him.  (They also find special joy in that fact that "loverlies" includes the word "love," since it is the command of Jesus Christ that we love: that we love God, others as ourselves, and each other as He has loved us.)

Nathan wanted his name attached to the band name so that the other members would be somewhat free to come and go.  Nathan's original idea for the band name was simply "The Loverlies."