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New Covenant Music

Christian Rap / Christian / Gospel

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New Covenant Music is a Christian rap group that was formed on the South Side of Chicago, IL by Christopher, Corey, and Michaela Lowe on September 20, 2011. N.C.M. expresses their "faith" in Jesus Christ "creatively" in every song in hopes to inspire and cultivate positive change in their community. New Covenant Music is a "grass roots" movement coming to center stage in the world of music altogether expressing the Love of God in ways beyond the norm musically growing and expanding, reaching new venues. 

Christlike (Christopher Lowe), the oldest of the three, is a producer/artist in NCM. His commitment to spreading his faith in word and melody has always been the inspiration behind his drive for music. His message and point of view is clear and concise. Jubilee (Michaela Lowe), the youngest, is also a producer/artist in NCM. The Lowe family is one that has always been passionate about music and Jubilee is a by-product of that passion. Her love for music is evident and she brings a presence that can touch ANYONE in a sweet way. Revelation (Corey Lowe), the second oldest of the three, is an artist in NCM. His "warrior-like" style brings truth and inspiration to all who hear his voice. Guided by his passion to see positive change, he sets out to do all that is needed to help others. 

New Covenant Music’s first album "Liberty" was released on February 11, 2012. This project is a direct view into their life and how they have overcome personal battles living in Chicago. Though commonly it reflects their total desire to accomplish a successful music career, individually the album reflects a more personal journey for each artist. It portrays their personal struggles, challenges to their beliefs, even the basic need for survival. It is a testimony of where they are, where they came from, and where they are headed.