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Ruby Armada

Indie / Grunge / Rock

Voting has ended for the 2012 New Band Showcase

Nothing more aptly defines Ruby Armada than the fated words of George MacDonald, "Many would rather lie among the slain. Than creep through the narrow ways the light to gain -- Than wake the will and be born bitterly". The internal dialogue of this band is an aggressive manifestation of being born and bitterly. Making no surreptitious claims or posturing. It is understood that music is their vehicle to honestly reinterpret life into sound.The result is a dark grunge-esque rock-n-roll, heavy on narrative about addiction, devotion, and shades of grey. Although macabre at times, the virtue of re-imagining the problem of pain through music is deceptively redemptive. Their will be no denial, minimization or mass witch hunting. The finger is pointed squarely in the mirror. You will identify as they wrap their collective arms around you through a glass, darkly, and commiserate. The villain is vilified, a worm exposed, the passion embraced.    


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