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Savor The Glimpse

Christian / Hardcore / Metal

Voting has ended for the 2012 New Band Showcase

STG is indeed a Christian band with Christian lyrics. We view life positively, and treat our fans, whom also influences us greatly, like family. Throughout our years, we have had the greatest audiences and would like to thank everyone for their support!

Savor The Glimpse came a long way from playing a free show at our home school, getting paid with pizza. Now, we play with great bands, such as Attila, As Blood Runs Black, Fit For a King, and A Bullet for Pretty Boy. Our shows, wherever we play, are fun and very electric. What we enjoy most about our shows, is getting our crowd involved. We aren't just there to play music, we are putting on a show for those who attend it. Our goal is to spread the word of God, set a positive influence among people, and offer great music. We are unsigned right now, and we are looking down the path to becoming signed. Our passion, determination, and dedication for our music is invincible.