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When Forever Comes

Rock / Grunge / Pop Punk

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On any given day, you can find each member of When Forever Comes enjoying entirely different hobbies.  But when they come together with instruments in hand, they all speak the same musical language.When Forever Comes was formed by brothers, Allan (guitarist and lead) and Harrison (guitarist and vocals), in 2008. When Forever Comes wants to be relevant to those experiencing the same things in life as they do. Writing their own songs such as, “Closer” and “Falling Down,” have inspired their audience to enjoy music with meaning. How did they come up with their name? Don’t you ever ponder what it will be like “When Forever Comes?”


Some people have only blood running through their veins, but Allan Beam has music flowing through his blood, too. Moving from one generation to the next, he was taught guitar lessons at the age of 10 by his grandfather. Playing the guitar quickly grew into a passion for him. He has been a worship team member as well as worship leader for the better part of 5 years. He wants to use When Forever Comes to influence the next generation through music. Allan says, “The band is a platform God has given to make Him famous, not us. I want people to always see Christ through us."


Any person that has been able to see When Forever Comes in concert, has experienced what happens when Harrison Beam and his bass guitar meet the stage. His personality explodes, and his heart for the music is evident. At age 10, he began playing bass guitar. By 15, he was writing the  music and singing backup vocals for the band. Harrison explains, “When Forever Comes is a gift and opportunity for me to do what I love and also use it to reach members of other bands, for Christ. It is important to me to reach out to people who otherwise seem unapproachable; I am humbled by what I have been given.”


As the oldest member of When Forever Comes, Jerry brings an energetic drving force to the band. He started playing with Allan and Harrison on Freedom Biker Church's worship team and it has been a wild ride ever since. He played for a band back in his late teens and early twenties, and now 20 years later, he is having the time of his life playing as hard as he can for Jesus, and he would not have it any otther way.



Tyler completes the band with his superb harmony vocals and his soothing rhythms. he has known Allan and Harrison going on a decade, as they  all grew up in the same homeschooling circle of friends.  As their mutual love of music grew, so did their friendships.Tyler also leads worship at a local church and enjoys reaching out to others through music and bringing them before the throne of worship.



When Forever Comes is incredibly exciting band to hear and see in person.

Their passion and commitment to what they love to do ,which is to share

their hearts for Christ, through music with others, is just invigorating! You

can see and feel their love for Jesus, on and o! the stage. These guys

“rock”, they “Jam 4 the Lamb.”

-Alfred Ward, Vocalist and Guitarist, Second Chance

“Great lyrics, unique arrangements and just the right dynamics...all of that

combined together with their passion, high energy, and love for what they

do makes for some incredible music.”

-JD Tew, Pastor of Freedom Biker Fayetteville - Fayetteville, NC