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aThin Place

Lyrical / Rock / Metal

Voting has ended for the 2012 New Band Showcase

Christ-centered   -  Radical Grace  -  Rant-rock


aThin•Place (ə•thín•plās) noun [Band]. 1, emerging from the musically eclectic environment of Western North Carolina, aThin Place is a band whose music is unbound by the conventional structure and macabre theme of the current rock/metal scene. Intensely energetic and memorable riffs define their line-up of original songs....blah, blah, blah.


Actually, aThin Place is not about being a great band in our own eyes and trying to convince you of how cool we think we are in a cleverly written bio, etc. Our purpose in the grand scheme of things is much greater than that. aThin Place is a ministry team focused around the Saving Grace of God, our Father, displayed in the redeeming work of His Son, Jesus Christ--period.

We are, quite simply, a band of brothers committed to a singular cause: to break through the fog of religion created by pharisaical establishments in order to display the truth of the love of God to the broken, the outcast, and the “least of these”, because that is the heart of God...and...oh yeah...we have a Chilean drummer.
Please cast a vote for us in the New Band Showcase and get ready to witness the Western North Carolina-Style Holy Ghost Explosion that the Lord is preparing to unleash on Cornerstone 2012.

Brothers and Sisters, it's time to wake up and take back the ground that the enemy has stolen from us.

Are you ready?!!