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In a music culture driven by success, chart topping singles and notoriety, (echolove) has a different agenda.  “I think the reason we all got into music is because it’s had deep impressions on each of us, deeper than your typical top 40 pop song tends to have,” says front man and songwriter Tyler Moody.  Moody formed the band in early 2011 with friends at Belmont University.

The septet got straight to work playing shows around Nashville, as well as recording their debut EP, “The Sound Wave Project,” which released in late April, 2011.  In an innovative and unique move, the band released the EP for free in the form of 500 hard copies they call “Sound Waves,” that are meant to be downloaded and then given away, indefinitely, along with an act of affection.  Moody explains, “the idea behind (echolove)’s name is that we all receive love every day, and we are not meant to keep that love for ourselves—we are meant to echo it off to other people.  That’s what we were going for with the release of ‘The Sound Wave Project’—we wanted to put our words into action.” 

What can you expect from (echolove) in the future?  The band just finished recording a full-length record entitled “Nomad Heart,” which is set to release in late April, 2012.  “I’m really excited about the new record,” explains Moody, “the band has been through a lot of changes, including a lineup change, but we’ve grown a lot along the way and Nomad Heart sort of marks a new start for us.  I’m eager to share these songs with listeners and see where this new road takes us.”