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Christian / Rock / Alternative

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sMALLTIMEis a “Rock Band”.  A distinctive, relevant, timeless “Rock Band” Their live performance is a bonafide professional rock show that makes you stand up and cheer for the sheer honesty of the music.


sMALLTIME is not trying to be some popish artist striving for mass appeal. Their music refuses to try to hard – that’s what makes it so amazing”

Markus Druery

Indieshark Music Critic


sMALLTIME is four guy’s who have been around the Rock-n-Roll block a few times and love rock songs that are good today and will be good ten years from now.  That’s the kind of music they set out to create.


"sMALLTIME’s  song writing digs a bit deeper than the next Independent Artist. Within each one of these songs sMALLTIME bares their soul and delivers pure musical mojo."

Michael Morrison 


sMALLTIME songs themselves are addictive and upbeat, complete with positive, carefree subject matter with a very positive Christian message that works in a church setting or a rock club.  Their brand of rock surpasses any age, any stereotype, any preconceived opinion as soon as the hit the first cord.


“ Kudos goes out to some of the impressive guitar riffs and Vans vocal stigma. - both are delivered hot to the touch and full or reckless abandon. The music is nitty, gritty but goes down smooth with messages of genuine hope and redemption. They are also just plain fun to listen to.”

Cyrus Rhodes


Danny Van - Lead Vocal and Rhythm Guitar
Kenny Goorabian - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Steve Clayton - Bass guitar and backing vocals
Dusty Slaybaugh - Drums