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Changing Lives Through Community
Hi, this is Genesis Winter, one of the new Cornerstone directors.
I wanted to share our vision with you and what we are hoping to accomplish through Cornerstone.

Our goal for Cornerstone is the same that it was back in 1984 when we began, to encourage Christians in their walks with God. We have tried in many ways to help this along, through bringing in sound Biblical teaching and the best Christian art and music we could get our hands on. And in a lot of ways, that approach has worked.

We have seen many lives change. We have seen vendors who came to Cornerstone to sell funnel cakes suddenly decide to give their lives to God. We have seen teenagers who were convinced that Christianity was no longer relevant come to Cornerstone and go home determined to let nothing get in the way of their faith. Some of them are pastors and youth pastors now, bringing their groups to Cornerstone every year.

But when you get right down to it, and you hear the stories of what this festival has meant to so many people, you begin to notice two things. The first is that the changes and new directions that people are choosing because of Cornerstone can only have God as their source. The series of events leading up to a person making a decision to follow God wholeheartedly cannot possibly be attributed to any human plans, or bands, or speakers, or art pieces. There is something more, something deeper, something bigger woven through it all. We believe that God is everywhere, and He is hard to miss at this festival.

The second thing you'll notice is that for many people, the change in their lives was triggered by an interaction with the people around them at Cornerstone. They were ordinary people - the people they were camping by, or stood in line at the shower houses with, or sat next to at an art workshop. This is the reason that we say Cornerstone is about community.

As an introduction to this community, I'd say there are a lot of different kinds of people at Cornerstone. For every ten people you'll meet, there are eleven hairstyles and twenty opinions. But at the core of it all, if you kind of squint your eyes until it's all a little blurry, what you will notice is that you are in the midst of an incredible gathering of believers, a group of people who are asking and seeking and knocking. And we all know what that kind of people get – they find what they are seeking, they have doors opened to them, and they receive the blessings that only their Creator can give.

So I am asking all of you to join us in this community. Come to Cornerstone. Stand in line at the shower house with us, drink coffee in the food court with us, engage with us through art and music. But most of all, be the kind of people who are always asking, seeking, and knocking.

We need you to make Cornerstone complete. We are again providing the best art and music we can get our hands on. There will be thoughtful, intelligent discussion, lemon shakeups, and miles of gravel roads. So that part is covered. All that is missing is the community, and that can only happen if you come to Cornerstone.

We invite you to make the trek to Cornerstone 2012, and we hope to see you this coming July. Thanks.