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Cornerstone 2012 Line-up
Thanks to all the amazing bands taking part in our final year!

View the bands by day

  • Norma Jean
    Norma Jean
  • Squad Five-0
    Squad Five-0
  • Flatfoot 56
    Flatfoot 56
  • Neal Morse
    Neal Morse
  • White Collar Sideshow
    White Collar Sideshow
  • Iona
  • Danielson
  • Josh Garrels
    Josh Garrels
  • Seabird
  • The Farewell Drifters
    The Farewell Drifters
  • Good Luck Varsity
    Good Luck Varsity
  • theVioletBurning
    The Violet Burning
  • Ashley Cleveland
    Ashley Cleveland
  • The Letter Black
    The Letter Black
  • Glenn Kaiser Band
    Glenn Kaiser Band
  • The Choir
    The Choir
  • The Blamed
    The Blamed
  • Grave Robber
    Grave Robber
  • Mike Mains & The Branches
    Mike Mains & The Branches
  • Children 18:3
    Children 18:3
  • Write This Down
    Write This Down
  • Icon For Hire
    Icon For Hire
  • Photoside Cafe
    Photoside Cafe
  • Aradhna
  • The Unfortunate
    The Unfortunate
  • The Crossing
    The Crossing
  • Timbre
  • Da MAC
    Da MAC
  • Kye Kye
    Kye Kye
  • Kiros
  • Ilia
  • Don't Wake Aislin
    Don't Wake Aislin
  • Thirtyseven
  • Jeff Elbel + Ping
    Jeff Elbel + Ping
  • Trace Bundy
    Trace Bundy
  • My Epic
    My Epic
  • Lauren Mann And The Fairly Odd Folk
    Lauren Mann And The Fairly Odd Folk
  • Listener
  • Max Simmons
    Max Simmons
  • Ocean Is Theory
    Ocean Is Theory
  • The Lost Colors
    The Lost Colors
  • Becoming The Archetype
    Becoming The Archetype
  • The Illalogical Spoon
    The Illalogical Spoon
  • Paul BrendonLile
    Paul Brendon Lile
  • Destroy Nate Allen
    Destroy Nate Allen
  • The 77's
    77s Unplugged
  • Exegesis
  • Leper
  • Aimee Wilson & The Factorye
    Aimee Wilson & The Factorye
  • David Curtis
    David Curtis (of Run Kid Run)
  • The Great Commission
    The Great Commission
  • The King's Kids
    The King's Kids
  • The Scurvies
    The Scurvies
  • Behold The Kingdom
    Behold The Kingdom
  • The Soil And The Sun
    The Soil And The Sun
  • Nathan Stiteler
    Nathan Stiteler
  • The Wayside
    The Wayside
  • Insomniac Folklore
    Insomniac Folklore
  • Rachel McClusky
    Rachel McClusky
  • The Ember Days
    The Ember Days
  • Jesse Smith & The Holy Ghost
    Jesse Smith & The Holy Ghost
  • Levi The Poet
    Levi The Poet
  • We Are Creation
    We Are Creation
  • Preson Phillips
    Preson Phillips
  • Standing Small
    Standing Small
  • Deadhorse
  • Spoken Nerd
    Spoken Nerd
  • Wolves At The Gate
    Wolves At The Gate
  • Vessel
  • 39 Thoughts
    39 Thoughts
  • Every Knee Shall Bow
    Every Knee Shall Bow
  • Life Never Lost
    Life Never Lost
  • Shout The Truth
    Shout The Truth
  • Julie Elias
    Julie Elias
  • ReigN
  • Ravenhill
  • Crossing Jordan
    Crossing Jordan
  • Relentess Flood
    Relentless Flood
  • Farewell From the Gallows
    Farewell From the Gallows
  • She Said
    She Said
  • Visible Worship
    Visible Worship
  • Triple Stitch
    Triple Stitch
  • FBS
Artist Lineup is subject to change.