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The Impact Stage
One of our wonderful, longtime generator stages, the Impact Stage, has graciously agreed to host our 2012 New Band Showcase winners.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
NOON CLOSED   Darien Clea Doug Mains & the City Folk The Dwelling Strange Reflection
12:45 CLOSED Chris Bernstorf Chris Bernstorf Hundred Year Dash Through The Eyes Of A Giant SoJo Ministries
1:30 CLOSED Your Majesty Eleventh Hour Obstacles Obstacles At Mournings End
2:15 CLOSED Fight the Fade No Love For Aphrodite Jeffrey Stuckel Dead Words Identity
3:00 CLOSED She Said DaMac Kevin Schlereth Bears and Company GodCry
3:45 Christoper Noyes Faith in the Unseen Oh Sister , Oh Brother My Maker And I Golden Sun Exegesis
4:30   Jason Brown Savor the Glimpse Triple Stitch The Walking Tree Triple Stitch
5:15   Gamblers Die Broke Cece and Me Blood of the Martyrs Least of These Silent Redemption
6:00 Vice On Victory Vice On Victory A Righteous Downfall* Oh Sister, Oh Brother* Somewhere South of Perfect* Vanessa Mardueno*
6:45 Hatevil Mosely Inlow* Carielle* The Corners* Sara Oliveira*
7:30 Seven Day Disciple Carielle I Am Eternity* The Bends* ISEI* Kellen & Me*
8:15 My Surrender Blood of the Martyrs Again* Doug Mains & The City Folk* Chad Cecil and Family Dentistry* CLOSED
9:00 Preservation Together in Dust Paul Brendon Lile Death & Desire CLOSED
9:45 Greyfox Audio DUBSTiPP Least of These Otherwise Broken Life Never Lost CLOSED
10:30 Almost Taken Signals Forsake It All At Mournings End analecta CLOSED
11:15 Why aren't you dancing? Why aren't you dancing?     Relentless Flood CLOSED

*Denotes 2012 New Band Showcase Winner