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Race, Community, and Justice

Leroy Barber and Shawn Casselberry (3 sessions)
Leroy Barber Shawn CasselberryEverybody is talking about community and justice, but what does it really look like to live them out in our racially and economically segregated world? How do we live reconciled across all the barriers that divide us? Join us in an open and honest conversation about what it will really take for Christians to impact the world in areas of race, community, and justice.
Leroy Barber is the founder of Restoration Ministries, serving homeless families and children, and is president of Mission Year, a national urban initiative introducing 18-29 year olds to missional and communal living in city centers for one year of their lives.
Shawn Casselberry directed the Married Mission Year program in Chicago and then in 2007, he became the Chicago City Director. Shawn was ordained in 2011.