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Scum of the Earth: Light of the World

Leanor Ortega Till and Mike Sares (3 sessions)
Leanor Ortega Till and Mike Sares In this seminar, you’ll find out why it’s so important to take risks while pursuing God’s will for your life. We will talk about how to hear God’s voice, how to shift from a good path to one that is the best, and why artists are so important to the Kingdom of God.
Leanor Ortega Till: known by many as Jeff the Girl, Leanor first visited Cornerstone Fest in 1995 with her seven band mates known as Five Iron Frenzy. She teaches, she preaches and she still rocks out; come and hear Leanor's passion for God and the kinds of people that the Apostle Paul calls, “the scum of the earth.”
Mike Sares: when the band Five Iron Frenzy started a Bible study, little did they know it would morph into a unique church led by pastor Mike Sares. His book, Pure Scum: The Left-Out, the Right-Brained and the Grace of God, (IVP) shows what an exhilarating life of faith can cost. It's a tricky business, but it's worth every step and misstep.