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The Untouchables

Shane Cox (1 session)
Shane Cox Who are the modern day “untouchables”? Do they live across the street or above your apartment? Do they walk the streets of your city? Do they work in the next cubicle? Do they serve in your community? Do they sit in front of you in class? Do they live in the downtown shelter or mission? Do they ride your bus route? Do they enter your church space? Do they look back at you in the mirror? These are some of the questions we will ask as we search our own hearts for the “untouchables” (the dissed & fraternized).
Shane Cox is married to his beautiful wife Heather and together they have two rad kids Elijah and Abigail. He’s the pastor/planter of Take Hold Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He tries to love God with everything he’s got and love his neighbor as himself. This is a tough mission and he fails daily/miserably, but this is the task he’s been assigned. This is the command we’ve all been given. The big question is this…how do we love, serve, and touch the “untouchables”?