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Disenfranchisement has several meanings but with regard to the Church we take it to specifically mean: to deprive persons, by way of control that is unauthentic, from the inherent rights and privileges of liberty which are engrafted in faith in Jesus Christ.

We believe there are millions of people who, through action and inaction, have been wounded and rejected by the Church. Our desire is to honestly and humbly invite people to share their stories of disenfranchisement and to contribute their voice to a growing chorus of people who recognize something within the current church that has caused exclusivity in the midst of an inclusive gospel. As we share these stories, we intend to seek out ways to address hurt and draw together those members that have drifted apart. So much healing comes through confession alone, and from raising the conversation to a level where it cannot be ignored. It is our hope that the conviction of reality will stimulate the church into action.