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Trade of Innocents
Trade of Innocents is a fictional story
Trade of Innocentsset against the very real backdrop of the crime of human trafficking and those working to fight against it. Our film stars Dermot Mulroney and Academy Award Winner actress Mira Sorvino and is produced by Bill & Laurie Bolthouse. The producers and our screen writer/director Christopher Bessette set out to create a Hollywood action drama that would entertain, but that would also give hope and encourage ordinary people to be part of the fight to end trafficking and inspire others to action.

In December 2006, Bill and Laurie Bolthouse and their 3 young daughters Meredith, Madison and Molly, aged 10, 10 and 8 travelled to Phnom Penh Cambodia to work on a medical project. What started out as a family trip abroad doing medical missions lead them to a encounter and calling from God that brought about the production of Trade of Innocents.

Trade of InnocentsOne evening, Laurie and her girls had a very rare and unique opportunity to share dinner with some recently rescued victims of child sex trafficking and abuse. She prepared her daughters for this meeting by explaining that these young girls had been sold by their families or kidnapped and were now forced to have sex in exchange for money; some were HIV+ and some could never return to their families. The meal was a rousing success with everyone laughing and having a great time.

The group departed then in their van and Laurie corralled her girls back to their room. Feeling the need to make sense of the evening, she brought her daughters back to her bed and held them as they freely wept. So many feelings rushed through them: why would a family sell her daughter? How could life be so unfair? Soon their cries of sadness turned to an angry prayer: God, is this all we can do? You need to do more to help these girls and others like them escape the horrors of sexual slavery! God heard the cry of those girls that night and began to work.

The movie is slated for a Fall theatrical release and we roll out the film we are creating a call to action website shown at the end of the movie which hands each viewer a key. They can choose to put the key in their pocket and forget. Or they can take that key and go to our website and within one click do something tangible to lead that child/adult and others like them to freedom. The action website pulls together over 30 organizations actively engaged in the fight to end slavery and will be released simultaneously with the film in theaters.

We would love your help in brining this film to theaters in your town. Sign up on our website for our newsletter, stop by our booth at Cornerstone and learn more about the film, and don't forget to like us on Facebook or follow us on twitter at @toimovie.